We Roll Like Madmen Share New Single “Needy AF”, Stream it Now

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 1.25.47 AM

We Roll Like Madmen return to kick the dogs days of summer to the curb with brand-new single “Needy AF,” a kitchen-sink dose of ferocious glitch. The first sample of new material from the duo since last year, “Needy AF” briefly dabbles in the Madmen’s signature experimentalism before pursuing the listener into newer, more unhinged territory. The perfect jam for a haunted rave at an abandoned (also haunted) shopping mall, you can stream “Needy AF” below.

Take a disturbing glimpse into the corrupted innocence of post-apocalyptic youth and watch the “Samsara” music video-

The Kids Must Die and Hermetic Vol. 1 are streaming in full here.

Both albums are available as free downloads or via Future-Proof as 10″ customizable records. Become fashionably hermetic with your very own WRLM tank top.

Watch We Roll Like Madmen perform “Babel”-

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