Watch “Exit 8″, a Visual Album and Short Film Featuring Original Music by Tyler Digital


Post-Echo invites you on a midnight journey into the unforgettable world of Exit 8, an audiovisual experience unlike anything we have yet to offer.

“A young woman flees through the summer night with child in tow, desperate to escape her past. As dawn approaches, all that stands between them and a new life are the mysteries lying ahead.”

A visual companion to the upcoming debut album from Tyler Digital, Exit 8 stylishly infuses slow-burn cinematic horror with Italo Disco-flavored futurism to channel genre luminaries Hitchcock, Serling, and Carpenter. We hope you find Exit 8‘s macabre tale of nature and nurture to be a stop worth revisiting the next time you end up alone in the middle of nowhere.

Proceed with caution. Explore the mysteries of Exit 8 below.


Exit 8
Samantha Elkins
Travis Bailey
Hannah Lees
& the voice of Evan Simmons

Written & Directed by Franklin Jones
Cinematography – Jessica Oswald
Original Music & Editing – Tyler Digital
Main Camera Operator – Jessica Oswald
Production Design – Franklin Jones, Jessica Oswald
Audio Mixing – Tyler Matthews
Visual Effects – Tyler Matthews
Additional Effects – Jason F. Stroud
Casting – Franklin Jones
Costume Design – Jessica Oswald, Franklin Jones
Makeup – Jessica Oswald
Logo Design – W. Heyward Sims

Tyler Digital’s full-length debut album, Exit 8, will be released August 26th. In the meantime, stream “Straight to the Head” featuring Stefanie Santana below – the first single from Exit 8, now available as a free download.

01. Straight to the Head (featuring Stefanie Santana)
02. Night Talks
03. Don’t Take Her With You
04. The Headlights In Your Mirror
05. Kids
06. Driving All Night For You
07. Crawl Out
08. Being a Parent
09. Take Me Away Again
10. Stay Tuned

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