Dear Blanca


Given life in 2011 and named after the late grandmother of Dylan Dickerson, Dear Blanca consists of Dickerson himself, long-time bandmate Marc Coty on drums, Cam Powell on bass, and Dayne Lee on vocals/percussion.  Offering an eclectic range of sounds inspired by diverse acts such as 80′s punk group the Minutemen as well as Townes Van Zandt, Dear Blanca promises energetic rock music coupled with folk-songwriting aesthetics both mild-mannered and rambunctious.

Dear Blanca’s debut LP, Talker, was released on February 12, 2013 via Post-Echo. In late 2013, the band began recording their full-length follow-up. Pobrecito was released July 29, 2014.

Dear Blanca Press Photo (small)

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“Can we get this band on tour with Conor Oberst already?”

- Independent Clauses

“… equal parts intimate and beautiful as they are powerful and breathtaking.”

- Austin Town Hall on “Noma”

“… a wrenching catharsis that calls back to that point in pretty much every young person’s life when you find yourself restless and angry and ready to rush away from everything you’ve ever known.”

- Jordan Lawrence, Free Times on “Boulders”

“… a truly special track.”

- Austin Town Hall on “Boulders”

“… a collection of fuzzy, punk-infused and folk-ish rock that lends credibility to Dickerson’s claimed influences, which range from the Minutemen to Townes Van Zandt.”

- Jordan Lawrence, Shuffle Magazine

“The arrangements enrich Dear Blanca’s songs, which, if you’ve seen the band live this year you already know, stand pretty tall on their own.”

- Patrick Wall, Free Times, (Top Local Release of 2013, #3)

“The Columbia, SC band dial up the grit, rawness, and soul and do indeed ‘Dance to Besame Mucho’ in the track’s irreverent singalong-inviting hook”

Blahblahblah Science on “Havana Tonight” (8.4/10)

“Dickerson’s voice quivers with grit on the new track and is offset by a female led response chorus. The slightly overdriven bluesy guitar rambles its way through four minutes building and falling off with deep southern exchanges.”

- David Stringer, Scene SC

“It’s a careening track that feels as if it will fall apart at any moment, late-period Tom Waits mixed with a jazz/punk/indie aesthetic that comes out on top like the last kid standing in an epic game of King of the Mountain, breathless yet triumphant.”

- Kevin Oliver, Music That Matters, on “Havana Tonight

“Dylan Dickerson isn’t an aging roadhouse warrior, however, just a young whippersnapper with the heart and musical soul of someone much more weary than he could possibly be.”

- Kevin Oliver, Music That Matters

“…if you love saxophone, this is your jam. I expect to be listening to Talker for a long time, and I look forward to what Dear Blanca will put out in the future.”

- Independent Clauses

“Indeed, Talker is a must-listen, and the first truly great Columbia record of 2013.”

- Patrick Wall, Free Times

“This is what modern blues should sound like; raw, emotional, ragged and full of passion, not simply proficiency.”

- The Sound of Confusion

“… for those who allow themselves to soak up the power and the poignancy of the human voice, there’s no turning back.”

- Kyle Petersen, Jasper Magazine, p.54

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